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LOW B Conference Theme

Artist as Entrepreneur

This "first ever" event will provide an opportunity for female bass players to showcase, share, and connect with others globally. Our conference theme is "Artist as Entrepreneur: our purpose, our challenges, our possibilities." We will plunge into the authentic experience of what it means to be an artist in today's society and how to flourish and prosper in that truth. We will meet worldwide online in January 12-15, 2023 for four unforgettable days of bassists from all over the world sharing their stories, skills, setbacks, and successes!

A Musician Playing Bass Guitar

Conference Mission 

It is our vanguard that art can serve as an effective outlet of expression that sees no barrier to its experience. It is our hope that this "first-ever" conference will server as an anchor, a place where new connections are formed and old relationships are renewed. ---  LOW B

Conference Vision

When women take center stage, a unique opportunity extends itself to both presenters and audiences to witness a different possibility of being.  It is this different possibility that expands the imagination of what we can become and hope to be. In short, when women take center stage, we secure a more inclusive tomorrow: a tomorrow based on genuine respect and validation of our differences as being powerful and deserving of a legitimate place in society. ---- LOW B

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